Down below you will find all the full particular to know what ‘Cookies’, which kind of cookies exist, what kind of cookies we use , and how you can deactivate them in your browser.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that can be download from your computer through web pages and allow storing and restoring information about the surfing habit of the user or its computer. It can be used to improve the service that is given through the web page and to recognize the user at the time of the access.

Which kind of cookies exist?

  • Own Cookies:: those are the ones that are sent to the user’s computer from a managed domain by the provider of the requested service by the user.
  • Third parties cookies: those are the ones that are sent to the user’s computer that is not managed by the provider of the requested service, but is sent by other entity that treats the obtained data through the cookies.
  • Technical Cookies: those are the ones that allow the user to surf a webpage, platform or app and the use of the different options or services that exist in it.
  • Customization cookies: those are the ones that allow the user to access to the service with some general characteristics predefined in order to some criteria in the user’s computer.
  • External social media cookies: the aim of these is that the visitants may interact with the content of different social media platforms.
  • Analysis cookiess: their purpose is to stock anonymous information to make a following up and analysis of the behavior of the user in the different web sites that they are linked to.
  • Cookies publicitarias: permiten gestionar los espacios publicitarios de una web de la manera más eficaz posible.
  • Advertising cookies: the allow to manage the ad space that exist in a web page effectively.
  • Behavioural Advertising Cookies: Their purpose is to continuously watch the surfing habits of a web page users to develop specific profiles and show advertisement depending on their habits.
  • Session cookies: those are made to stock information at the time that the user access to a web page.
  • Persistent cookies: the information will be stocked during the time that is defined by the controller.

What kind of cookies do we use?

Surfing this portal website involves that the following cookies can be installed:

By browsing over this portal it's assumed that the following types of cookies might be installed.
Dermica Laboratoires Europe S.L., registers the followings IP directions (that everyone is connected to internet might have) for exclusively internal purposes, like access statistics.
We use the following cookies:

  • Cookies for performance improvement.
  • Cookies for Access statistics.
  • Cookies for register.
  • Other cookies for third parties.

Can cookies be cleared?

Cookies can be deleted and blocked, either in a general or a particular form through a specific domain. By deactivating cookies through the setting of the options in the browser that is installed in your computer, some of the services may stop working properly. It is necessary to adapt one by one the settings of each used browser and computer.


First step- Click on tools and, after, Internet Options
Second step- Click on privacy and go to the desired privacy level and accept.
Third step- Internet Explorer shows as the different kind of cookies that are blonde or allowed in any privacy level.


First step- Menu and settings.
Second step- Click on Advanced Options.
Third step- ”Privacy” and click in content settings.
Fourth step- Set the option in“Cookies” section.


First step- Click in Firefox and options.
Second step- Privacy.
Third step- Use a personal setting for the history.
Fourth step- Accept cookies (to get them activated), and deselect cookies (to get them deactivated).
Fifth step- Choose the storage time.
Sixth step- Accept and close options.


First step- Preferences and Privacy, choose block cookies.
Second step- Select the option.

If you would like to contact as about our cookies policy, you may do it here: